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    Smokingroove - The Underground
    Weekly 1st: 20th June 2018.
    London’s own sons of the underground House music scene, Smokingroove return to the radio airwaves with a new weekly show with their own brand of beats and some fresh tricks up their sleeves including their own multimedia-mashups, pulling samples, clips and breaks from everywhere and fresh, forward-thinking music to make a unique radio show centred around the global underground dance music community.
    - Vendredi : 20H00 - Friday : 02pm (Weekly)
    - Jeudi : 01H00 - Wednesday : 07pm (NYC)(Weekly)
    Jayli - Jagged Jungle
    Weekly 1st: 27th June 2018.
    Who IS JamieLisa? Jamielisa, a Canadian DJ Currently based in London England is an International Disk Jockey playing top venues Worldwide, She began her DJ Journey in Australia, holding residency in the prestigious Cafe-Del Mar. Jamielisa is a global resident for STK Worldwide playing in London, New York, Chicago and most recently launching Toronto Canada’s STK. An extremely eventful 2016 featured Jamielisa in TIMEOUT Magazine along side fellow DJ’s, Avicii, Sasha, and Tyga for the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain Sponsored by The Four Seasons Hotel. International Management High on Heels helped to keep her diary jam packed by gaining private performances in the USA, Croatia, Turkey & Poland.
    - Mercredi : 20H00 (1 x par mois) - Vendredi : 03H00 (1x/mois)
    - Wednesday : 02pm (NYC)(Monthly) - Thursday : 05pm (NYC)(Monthly)

    Airomen - MiX_Show (Bi-Weekly)
    Weekly 1st: 16th May 2018..
    Mercredi : 23H00 (1 semaine sur 2)
    Vendredi : 03H00 (1x/mois)
    Wednesday : 05pm (NYC)(Bi-weekly)
    Wednesday : 05pm (NYC)(Monthly)
    Christian Smith - Tronic Radio
    Weekly 1st: 02nd May 2018.
    Mercredi : minuit (CET)
    Tuesday : 06pm (NYC)
    Chris Marina - Hidden Affairs (Weekly Show)
    Weekly 1st: 04th November 2017.
    Samedi : 23H00 (CET)
    Lundi : 13H00
    Saturday : 5pm (NYC)
    Monday : 7am (NYC)
    Kristian Nairn - Spektrum (Monthly Show)
    Monthly 1st: 18th October 2017.
    Mercredi : 20H00 (CET)
    Vendredi : 03H00
    Wednesday : 3pm (NYC)
    Thursday : 9pm (NYC)
    Gary Caos - Caos Generation (Weekly Show)
    Monthly 1st: 11th October 2017.
    Mercredi : 20H00 (CET)
    Wednesday : 2pm (NYC)
    DJ Pooky - Air Gay Radio (Exclusive)
    Weekly 1st: 18 july 2017.
    Lundi : 22H00 (CET)
    Samedi : 04H00
    Monday : 4pm (NYC)
    Friday : 10pm (NYC)
    Ian Donaldson (Bronski Beat) - Sordid Soundz In The Mix
    Weekly 1st: 06 july 2017
    Jeudi : 14H00 (CET)
    Samedi Minuit
    Thursday : 8am (NYC)
    Saturday : 6pm (NYC)
    The CUBE GUYS - Radio Show
    Monthly 1st: 08 july 2017.
    Samedi : 23H00 (CET)
    Jeudi Minuit
    Saturday : 5pm (NYC)
    Wednesday : 6pm (NYC)
    TOUGH LOVE - Get Twisted Radio
    Weekly 1st: 06 july 2017.
    Samedi : 22H00 (CET)
    Jeudi Minuit
    Saturday : 4pm (NYC)
    Wednesday : 7pm (NYC)
    Villahangar captain - Music In The Air
    Weekly 1st: 08 june 2017.
    Vendredi : 18H00 (CET)
    Samedi : 13H00 (CET)
    Friday : 12pm (NYC)
    Saturday : 7am (NYC)
    Yann Selection - Various DJs
    Weekly since 14 feb 2017
    Sat : 16H00 (CET) | 10am (NYC)
    Sun : 03H00 (CET) | Sat : 9pm (NYC)
    Tue : 21H00 (CET) | 6pm (NYC)
    Thu : 03H00 (CET) | Wed : 9pm (NYC)
    Fri : 21H00 (CET) | 3pm (NYC)
    Danny Howard - N.E.M.
    Weekly since 25 jan 2017
    Mardi : 00H00 (CET)
    Monday : 6pm (NYC)
    Claude Vonstroke - The Birdhouse
    Weekly since 25 jan 2017
    Mardi : 05H00 (CET)
    Monday : 11pm (NYC)
    Lucas & Steve - Skyline Sessions
    Weekly since 25 jan 2017
    Lundi : 01H00 (CET)
    Sunday : 7pm (NYC)
    Armada - Radio Show
    Weekly since 08 jan 2017
    Mardi : 02H00 (CET)
    Monday : 8pm (NYC)
    Ming - Warmth
    Weekly since 23 nov 2016
    Mercredi : 19H00 (CET)
    Wednesday : 1pm (NYC)
    Vendredi : 02H00 (NYC)
    Thursday : 8pm (NYC)
    Javi Deejay - Dreams Highway
    Weekly since 21 nov 2016
    Mardi : 20H00 (CET)
    Tuesday : 2pm (NYC)
    Roger Sanchez - Release Yourself
    Weekly since 17 oct 2016
    Samedi : 19H00 (CET)
    Lundi : 03H00 (CET)
    Saturday : 1pm (NYC)
    Sunday : 9pm (NYC)
    Dark Industry - Darkcast
    Weekly since 05 jun 2016
    Dimanche : 02H00 (CET)
    Saturday : 8pm (NYC)
    Lundi : 05H00 (CET)
    Sunday : 11pm (NYC)
    Oliver Heldens - Heldeep Radio
    Weekly since 05 may 2016
    Vendredi : 02H00 (CET)
    Thursday : 8pm (NYC)
    Afrojack - Jaked Radio
    Weekly since 05 may 2016
    Mercredi : 00H00 (CET)
    Tuesday : 6pm (NYC)
    Todd Terry - InHouse Radio
    Monthly since 05 mar 2016
    Mercredi : 20H00 (CET)
    Jeudi : 03H00 (CET)
    Wednesday : 2pm (NYC)
    Wednesday : 9pm (NYC)
    Benny Camaro - Hot Wheels
    Weekly since 05 jan 2016
    Samedi: 21H00 (CET)
    Lundi : 02H00 (CET)
    Wednesday : 4pm (NYC)
    Sunday : 10pm (NYC)
    Claptone - Clapcast
    Weekly since 05 oct 2015
    Mardi : 19H00 (CET)
    Tuesday : 1pm (NYC)
    Nora En Pure - Purified
    Bi-weekly since 05 oct 2015
    Lundi : 23H00 (CET)
    Monday : 5pm (NYC)
    Robbie Rivera - Juicy Show
    Weekly since 05 aug 2015
    Samedi : 00H00 (CET)
    Friday : 6pm (NYC)
    Traxsource - Live
    Weekly since 05 aug 2015
    Jeudi : 19H00 (CET)
    Dimanche : 22H00 (CET)
    Mardi : 13H00 (CET)
    Thursday : 1pm (NYC)
    Sunday : 4pm (NYC)
    Tuesday : 7am (NYC)
    Oscar L - DMix
    Weeky since 05 jun 2015
    Mercredi : 02H00 (CET)

    Tuesday : 8pm (NYC)
    Don Diablo - Hexagon Radio
    Weekly since 05 jun 2015
    Vendredi : 01H00 (CET)
    Thursday : 7pm (NYC)
    DONS & Clint Maximus - The Edge
    Weekly since 05 jun 2015
    Lundi : 22H00 (CET)
    Vendredi : 04H00 (CET)
    Monday : 4pm (NYC)
    Thursday : 10pm (NYC)
    DJ Cos43 - Rhythm Time
    Weekly since 05 may 2015
    Samedi : 03H00 (CET)
    Dimanche : 17H30 (CET)
    Mercredi : 21H00 (CET)
    Friday : 9pm (NYC)
    Sunday : 11:30am (NYC)
    Wednesday : 3pm (NYC)
    Boy George - Club Culture
    Weekly since 05 apr 2015
    Come back soon (When ?)
    Defected - In The House
    Weekly since 05 mar 2015
    Vendredi : 19H00 (CET)
    Mardi : 03H00 (CET)
    Friday : 1pm (NYC)
    Monday 9pm (NYC)
    Patrick E. - After Club Live
    Weekly since 01 mar 2015
    Jeudi 21H00 (CET)
    Samedi : 14H
    Thursday : 3pm (NYC)
    Saturday : 8am (NYC)
    Luca Guerrieri - Mixtape Radioshow
    Weekly since 05 jan 2015
    Lundi : 19H00 (CET)
    Mercredi : 13H00 (CET)
    Monday : 1pm (NYC)
    Wednesday : 7am (NYC)
    Corey Biggs - The Music is The Drug
    Weekly since 05 jan 2015
    Mercredi : 04H00 (CET)
    Tuesday : 10pm (NYC)
    Silvio Carrano - Total Freedom
    Weekly Exclusive since 05 jan 2015
    Mercredi : 22H00 (CET)
    Wednesday : 4pm (NYC)
    Chus Ceballos - Stereo Production
    Weekly since 05 dec 2014
    Lundi : 00H00 (CET)
    Sunday : 6pm (NYC)
    Insomniax - House Music
    Weekly since 05 may 2013
    Lundi : 20H00 (CET)
    Monday : 2pm (NYC)

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